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How to effectively manage
remote teams

Due to the current situation, most of the businesses were forced to stop using their offices and start working from home.

That is why we at UppLabs would like to discuss threats and opportunities of working from home.

How to work from home

How to effectively
manage remote teams?

Some business owners don’t believe the idea of effective remote work. Who controls their developers? How to trust them? How to establish clear communication with them if they’re 100% time away?

As a company that started 100% remote and eventually opened several offices (first one in Kyiv, Ukraine) - which made us hybrid as 50% employees still worked from home - UppLabs perfectly understand all the challenges might appear today.

Well, usually productivity and cost are two dominant factors to choose between remote developers or co-located office developers. And sometimes the results might differ for different businesses.

However, now, most of the businesses were forced to stop using their offices and start working from home.


Why remote teams are your

Despite some of the companies had this experience before, there is still a decent number of companies that can’t provide proper management for their working processes remotely.

That is why we at UppLabs would like to discuss threats and opportunities of working from home.

Why the office is not an ideal place for your employees?

While the open-space office is a cheaper option for businesses and aimed to foster communication between co-workers, sometimes workers are:

  • Get irritated and distracted by their colleagues;
  • Suffer from noise and can’t concentrate;
  • Feel the pressure and discomfort while people moving behind, etc.

Traditional remote work advantages

When hiring people to work in the traditional workspace (which is impossible right now), you’re missing:

TOP global talents

For example, when choosing a specialist you are not limited by the area where your office is located. You are free to choose a person with the best skills and talents, be she/he from the US or from Portugal. Only work qualities matter.

Reducing costs

Talents who work from home do not require any office space, computing equipment, covering of commutes, etc. You can save this money to boost your business or redirect them as salary booster. This will motivate your employees even more.


Some of your employees prefer to work at night, or early morning. Office time reduces the productive time of your specialists and takes away the time they use for commuting to work.

Time zones benefit

If your distributed team is working from different parts of the world, it is not a headache as you used to think when scheduling a call with them. This is an opportunity to upgrade, for example, the product’s development and support. They work from different time zones which means when one of them goes to sleep, the other takes charge and starts a working day. They can collaborate in improving the user experience 24/7.

Additional motivation

The option of not attending an office on a daily basis, flexible working hours and more achievable work-life balance boosts the productivity of your specialists.

The biggest threat of the remote work

There’s only one threat - to lose everything. And the possible reason is not having the proper experience of the remote teams’ effective management.

UppLabs offers you a Q&A session with our CEO Vitaliy Dyachenko to learn about proper remote teams’ management.


Do you know which issues your business has? If you want to succeed, be realistic about your business. Let’s identify your concerns and fix them.

Analyze your business


Register to free online Q&A

During the Q&A session we’ll discuss:

  • Organization process
  • Remote work control
  • The importance of daily statuses
  • Setting the communication
  • Business management tools
  • Time tracking tools and more
Also you can download a PDF with practical advice on the effective remote teams management!

Best practices of the remote

The Remote Manifesto
"The Remote Manifesto" lists nine principles for working remotely, starting with, "Hiring and working from all over the world instead of from a central location." That enhances the possibility of having the best team of talents regardless of the location.
“Remote work is not just a hipster trend and it doesn’t mean working from under the palm tree.” - says Maria Wachal.
The Remote Manifesto

Remote-first in the new reality

16% of global companies are now fully remote.

Look at the list of the world-famous companies that provide their workers with the remote work option:

  1. GitLab. A DevOps platform most businesses are using to manage their workflow.
  2. Zapier. An app that integrates more than 1,500 apps to automate workflows.
  3. Hotjar. Analytics software that helps users understand their website's audience.
  4. GitHub. A developing platform to host and review code and work with over 36 million developers.
  5. Trello. Forecasting and analytics tool for growing businesses.
  6. Amazon. Online shopping, streaming, and subscription service.
  7. Cisco. IT, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure company.
  8. Johnson & Johnson. Pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and medical device company.
  9. Glassdoor. Employer review and job posting website.

“Remote” is no longer just an alternative. With the economy going freelance and global, if you are not ready to adjust to the realities today, you will be too late tomorrow.


What advantages remote
teams bring to the business?

Remote workers say they're happy in their jobs 29% more than on-site workers.

The advantages the business gets by working remotely:

  1. You are still able to run your business when nobody can attend the office. The chances for business survival are higher.
  2. Remote workers are more productive - your business saves time and money.
    They are self-motivated and can finish their work on their own time. Besides, they are not distracted by their coworkers and can take breaks when they need them because their schedule is more flexible.
  3. Remote workers are healthier. And they can’t infect each other.
    Besides, the recent survey showed that around 77% of respondents would be healthier if they had a flexible job and 86% would be less stressed. Also, usually, remote workers take fewer days off on sick leave.
  4. Remote workers save your money on office rent.
    Running a physical workspace can be expensive. Now, when you do not have a choice but to stay at home, you’ll find how much money remote work will save to your business.
  5. While working from home you’re saving the environment - you prolong life on our planet.
    Since January 2020, China’s coal-powered economy has slashed emissions by 25%. . In addition, the aviation industry is having significant losses globally, but the planet recovers.

    The virus is prompting us to change our habits in ways that could make a longer-term contribution to climate protection — working from home, video conferencing, working shorter weeks or staggering office hours to reduce traffic.

This all means that you should learn how to effectively manage remote teams!

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